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Cracked Crab

Purchasing, Financial Reporting, Accounting and Human Resources

Purchasing, Financial Reporting, Accounting and Human Resources

Purchasing, Financial Reporting, Accounting and Human Resources

Pizza 90

Pizza 90

Restaurant Valuation

Lease negotiations, Resolving Partnership Conflicts/Disputes, Restructuring and Reorganization

Driving Growth in Restaurant Market Segment

Complete Management and Operation Review, Optimizing Restaurant Profitability, Construction and facilities issues

Evaluation of Support Functions

Purchasing, Financial Reporting, Accounting and Human Resources

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MacArthur Park

Guaymas Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Guaymas Authentic Mexican Cuisine

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Harry’s Bar and American Grill

Restaurant Consulting in Orange County

20 years of experience in restaurant consulting in Orange County

Ken Mucha offers a wide range of restaurant consulting services that focus on key factors of building a successful restaurant business, including establishing and revitalizing restaurant companies’ organizational structures, products and services, processes, and sales strategies to achieve optimum results. Read below for an overview of our restaurant consulting services:

Organizational structure optimization

A critical part of any business is ensuring that its operations are running smoothly and fully optimized. Operations assessment and structural optimization are an integral part of our restaurant consulting offering. Ken will evaluate all factors of the business that affect the bottom line, including productivity, food costs, training programs, managing back-office staff and more.

Restaurant sales-building strategies

Getting more sales out of your restaurant business is a key factor in its success, and it’s easier said than done. Our years of experience in building restaurant sales will help you reach your sales milestones in the most efficient way possible. Ken Mucha restaurant consulting employs four primary sales-building methodologies effect to restaurant industry:

1) New trial, which revolves around first-time customers and their initial purchasing experience at your restaurant. 2) Sales frequency, or how often your current customer base continue to return to your establishment; 3) Check average, referring to the average amount of money a guest spends each visit and how to increase that amount; and 4) Party size, or finding ways to increase the number of friends that customers bring with them on each visit.

Operations and processes; auditing and analysis

Cost control; lowering overhead and improving cash flows

Restaurant business plan development

In an industry as dynamic as the restaurant industry, your business plan is a tool that you should utilize in every aspect of building and running your restaurant business. Realizing the pitfalls and opportunities of your business before you even open your doors to the public will help you succeed. Unfortunately, some restaurant owners underestimate or completely disregard the importance of a solid business plan, banking their success only on having a good food product and hard work. Ken Mucha will work with you in developing a business plan from the ground up or help you improve your current plan.

Restaurant Consulting in Orange CountyRestaurant startup consulting

Are you in the process of building a startup in the restaurant industry and need guidance? Launching a new restaurant can be an intimidating task for the most experienced of owners. Armed with years of experience, industry know-how and supplemental startup services including business plan development, concept design and brand development, Ken and his team of restaurant consultants are leaders in launching new restaurants. From concept to grand opening, we will help make you lay the foundation for a successful restaurant venture.

Restaurant brand marketing and reach

Part of a restaurant’s success is attributed in large part to how it is perceived by its customers. As a restaurant consultant with many years of experience, Ken has become an expert in a restaurant’s brand strategy, brand management, marketing and public relations. Let us help you improve the reach and message of your brand with our complete suite of restaurant marketing services, including graphic design, creative design, website design and development, social media marketing and email marketing and more.

Restaurant real estate consulting; site selection, design and construction

Ken Mucha Restaurant Consulting will help you select the best possible location for your restaurant and guide you through the design and construction process. Critical factors in achieving your goals in regards to the real estate side of your restaurant business include:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Zoning Review
  • Space Analysis
  • Code Review
  • Lease Negotiation

Restaurant menu design and development

Using a combination of profit contribution and targeted food cost, Ken Mucha Restaurant Consulting in Orange County has designed and developed menus for a number of restaurants. Smart and innovative menu design is an integral part of a successful restaurant operation, as it impacts on profits, customer loyalty, branding and marketing.

Restaurant website design / redesign

More and more first-time visitors of restaurants are making an effort to search for and visit the restaurant’s website before they even step foot in the establishment. In today’s digital age, it’s critical for your restaurant to offer an up-to-date, attractive and welcoming website presence that offers customers essential information about your restaurant, an online menu, access to special offers, ways to connect via social media, and more.

Restaurant consulting in Orange County

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