About Ken Mucha


Ken Mucha is an accomplished business executive with more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry.   Ken is licensed real estate broker specializing in the buying & selling of restaurants, related businesses, and an accomplished lease negotiator.  He specializes in business and real estate valuations, lease negotiations, and preparing a business to obtain maximum value in the purchasing, financing, or sales transactions.

He is adept in assisting individuals and companies’ with finding locations, working assisting clients with lease or purchase negotiations with land owners/ landlords, and buying or selling restaurants.  His extensive background in construction (ground up and remodeling) has been a useful tool to his clients as well.

He is also adept in revitalizing companies’ organizational structures, support functions, and cost control strategies to achieve maximum profits.  Mucha has exhibited a broad spectrum of skills in directing the full range of restaurant operations to capture and enhance overall quality, productivity, and bottom-line performance.

In recent years Ken has served as a court appointed receiver for famous local bar and restaurant in Orange County revolving around a dispute between ownership over the distribution of profits.  While taking full charge of the restaurant operation and its management he redefined the true profitability of the facility by putting in place proper cost controls and accounting procedures.  He brokered a sales transaction for the business and the real estate that brought the litigation between the owners to a close while getting ownership maximum value for the business and real estate.

Earlier in 2017 Ken completed the sales transaction for a famous seafood concept in Pismo Beach, California called Cracked Crab.  He worked diligently with the owner of the business and the real estate through some complicate circumstances (including the City and neighboring property owner) got the owner over 3.7 million dollars in the transaction.

Ken just finished negotiating a lease and completed the design and build out for the new Prego location at the District in Tustin, California.  He worked through the lease process with his client and then the client’s request handled the design, permitting, and construction completing the restaurant in a 4-month period of time.

In prior years Ken served at the request of the Creditors and Senior Lender as an interim CEO for Spectrum Restaurant Group, Inc.  He along with the attorneys prepared and got a plan approved by the court to keep the restaurants in full operation while selling off the assets to get the senior lender and creditors paid.