Preserving Value

It’s been Ken’s experience that restaurant owners are slow to realize and accept that they are in a declining or near crisis situation. The crucial elements that determine the long-term survival of a company are the ways in which the owners plan for and handle this special situation.

When a company finds itself confronted with serious financial problems, it becomes necessary to abandon some the traditional business approaches and employ more practical methodology to preserve its value.

It’s Ken’s goal to move his clients into a stable situation as quickly as possible. This generally means a complete or partial revamping of the management of the business, operations, employees, its vendors, financial reporting, and general administrative practices.


An audit provides the basis for development of a plan to ensure the restaurant’s viability. This would includes a complete review of the following:

  • Cash Flow
  • Prime Cost Review (Cost of Goods, Labor, Occupancy, and Other Direct Costs)
  • Credit Issues
  • Financial Statements and Reporting
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Existing Legal and Insurance Issues
  • Compliancy Issues

Problems Ken Will Solve

  • Underperforming Operation
  • Accountable Management
  • Disgruntled Partnership
  • Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Problems
  • Human Resource Issues